An original art can be a great investment.  We understand that cost is a big concern for most people. Although the pricing largely depends on the drawing object, the technical aspects of the drawing, such as size and amount of details do play a big part. Generally, the larger and the more detailed a drawing is, the more it will cost. Here are some samples for pricing when you want to commission a drawing and keep the original

  1. Denny Chime at University of Alabama: 12"x16" on watercolor paper, $350
  2. House after the Rain: 19x25" on colored textured paper, $560
  3. Downtown Rock(s) 2015: 22"x30" on watercolor paper, $1150

No matter you are commissioning us for an original drawing or purchasing a print of a public building, we are excited that you are thinking of using a handmade rendering to express yourself and connect with the world at a deeper level. Please tell us what your thoughts are! 


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