William H. Bowen School of Law at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The New Beginning...

It all started with my husband's request before he graduated from Law school in May 2015.

'Honey, can you do a drawing of our building? I want to have it framed with my diploma.'

What a great idea! To this day, the print of Bowen Law School drawing is still one of my most popular products. 

What does Y Illustrations do? 

Based in the Little Rock area, Y Illustrations is an honored member of American Society of Architectural Illustrators.

We are capable of collaborating with you remotely or in-person, regardless of whether the object you want to have drawn exists in the real world or only in your mind. Based on your requested aesthetic style, we will deliver high quality:

  • Architectural Renderings
  • Community and Urban Planning Birds-view Illustrations
  • Hand-drawn Maps, and
  • Visualizations of anything that is in your visions

The artist: Yang Luo-Branch

Your Illustrator Yang Luo-Branch has a passion for people and places. Originally from China, she immigrated to the US at the age of 24 after finishing a 5-year undergraduate program in architecture in China. She obtained a master’s degree in sociology and PhD in urban planning from Texas Tech University. Yang has taught Architectural Freehand Drawing and Design Studios at Texas Tech University College of Architecture for 4.5 years and practiced in architectural design, planning and GIS analysis in China and United States. Previously practiced as an urban planner as part of a community redevelopment team, Yang currently is the Senior GIS Analyst at Arkansas Economic Development Commission. Her talent, passion, education and professional experiences enable her to understand and deliver art with a great depth and bright spirit. 

Yang taught Architectural Freehand Drawing Studios and Design Studios at Texas Tech University from August 2009 to December 2013.

The Craft

All the architectural illustrations are done 100% by hand, from start to finish.

Not the End...

Yang thought she is only good at drawing buildings; however, she is often surprised by the uncovered potentials of her own, just like she believes life is full of possibilities. Tell us what is on your mind and what you see is the potential in your vision or products. We can work on this together, or, just have a wonder conversation. Cheers!

By painting this picture, Yang worked with a jewelry designer, Ashley Twiggs, on launching her line of product in Spring 2016.