What is a "Y" brand?

“Y” is not only the initial of Yang’s first name (the founder and chief illustrator of Y Illustration). More importantly, the letter “Y” possesses a deeper meaning. It refers to:

  1. “Why?” – We love questions, and we ask questions. By asking “why”, we think outside of the box and nurture true creativity that is authentic, flexible and stylish, rather than merely trying to be novel and edgy.
  2. “Y” as in “x, y, or z” in a coordinate system – axis “y” extends infinitely, just like we find profound potential in true creativity. On the other hand, the axis “y” is bonded within a multi-dimensional system with other components like “x” and “z”.  Symbolically, this reflects that we respect, appreciate and celebrate collaboration with our clients and peers. 

Thanks for being here! We look forward to connecting with you!