On Staying Current

I don't normally like rainy days. However, I feel today is a beautiful day, although it is raining, heavily.

It is what I am doing largely defines how I feel about the day: I am taking a routine coding lesson. So this rainy day is no longer boring and dull. Instead, it is exciting and challenging.

Washington Hall at Washington & Lee University

Washington Hall at Washington & Lee University

Hand drawing is a craft that has a history as long as humans have been around. Many people have "moved on" from this traditional art form to modern forms, such as digital drawing. It is my choice, though, to stick with traditional hand drawing and illustration.

That being said, a traditional art form does not have to be old and uninteresting. I am always looking for ways to stay current, mentally and technically, for example, through learning coding and programming.

It is just like a rainy day does not have to mean boring and dull. It is what we do with it gives it a life.