Thinking about Writing a Book about "Place"

People always say, if something keeps coming up into my mind, you should do it.

So far, I have been listening to this voice and have done:

  1. Started a personal growth Youtube Channel about 3.5 years ago.
  2. Started my own business "Y Illustrations" 1.5 years ago, to channel my creativity and passions that were not utilized at my job.
  3. About 8 months ago, I closed my Youtube Channel, because I simply didn't have enough time to properly manage it and publish good content. It was a hard decision, but I said goodbye to that chapter of my adventure.
  4. About 8 months ago, I invited a challenge to do a Tedx talk. One reason was to prove to myself that an introverted individual can make a good public speaker. 

So far, these things have been giving me a great sense of satisfaction. I am grateful that there is a voice that is so quiet but persistent, which nudges me to do things and is not directed by my intellectual capability, but by something I see as a "higher purpose" or "Higher Power."

"You should start working on a book..." Again, this voice is whispering to me, repeatedly.

Where to start? What to write about? I think, something about "place" and "people" is a great topic for me, and something with writing and drawing is what I am good at.