Draw Something Each Day

I want to start drawing something each day. 

Arkansas Capitol Afar, 06/21/2016

Just set 20 min aside to do a quick sketch - keep it simple.

I am not talking about doing it for 10 years. I think, I am going to commit to a week at a time.

I don't think I want to treat it as a "challenge," but rather see it as a pleasant habit that has a spot on my calendar.

I do have role models: Seth Godin sends out marketing emails everyday, and my favorite Chinese podcast host shares a 60-second voice mail every morning. I believe many other people are making the same daily contribution to the society, just like those two. This kind of determination is beautiful, and I want to be part of it.

Please cheer with me, when you see that I am making it: one week at a time to begin with. This is today's sketch: Arkansas Capitol Afar, 06/21/2016.