The Art of Place

There are several layers of meanings to the "art of place", which is a primary focus for Y Illustrations:

1. Drawing is a form of art and I draw places through this form of art. 

2. I draw places, and rarely focus on people. I want it to be place-focused, by appreciating the aesthetics and integrity of a place that serve people at a deeper level. I feel many of our designs today, architectural or urban planning, are too much focused on people's immediate needs. This may cause the designer to be short-sighted. In this kind of quick-fix architectural solution, we tend to overlook the deeper meanings. For example, the symbolic social impact of architectural elements that can be seen in classic architecture, the importance of a sense of belonging by designing streets for people, rather than for cars, or, to make a place that is interesting and embodying diversity for people to explore. This is why I want to give myself and my audience a chance to focus on beautiful places, because my intuition tells me, a beautiful place actually does in turn serve people and it is for long-run.

Water Village in China

3. In the "art of place," I determined to adopt an open-mind. From the very definition of place (indoor, outdoor, building, street, landscape, etc) to the types of place (modern or classic, built or natural, aged or new, Western or Oriental, and so on), I have no limitation for my drawing subject. The "art" of places is about finding beauty in all sorts of environment that we encounter.

The view of Downtown Dallas from Klyde Warren Park.

Thank you for staying with Y Illustrations and making the "art of place" with me.